Photography & Visual Design


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say a picture can capture the essence of your company, create emotion, and if done right attract people to a concept, idea, or product.

Our keen-eyed photographers pride themselves not on merely taking a picture, but on capturing a visual masterpiece which will help define your brand, your company, your mission, and your customers. Great product photography is compelling. It helps strengthen the connection between consumers and a brand. Creative Concepts Imaging provides the artistic expertise, technology and s resources to deliver comprehensive large-scale digital and conventional commercial photography services for our clients. From concept to final proof, our team can manage your entire creative project allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing initiatives.

Visual Design to captivate your audience
Visual design is not about what a piece is saying literally through words, but it is everything about what a piece is saying visually and emotionally–solely through appearance. Successful visual and graphic relies heavily upon a solid visual concept. Without effective visual design, advertisements, posters, signs, brochures and other print materials are meaningless. It is visual design that grabs people’s attention and encourages them to analyze the piece more carefully. Our graphic artists and designers specialize in creating a logo that defines your company’s mission or a graphic element which illicits the reaction you want from your audience.

Effective visual design elements can effect buyers’ decisions and even motivate them to buy a certain product. Your graphic design or logo can play a big role in how your product or service is perceived by the visitor to your website, social media user, or individual seeing your display or print ad. Having an attractive design helps to strengthen your brand, build trust with the consumer and make your business seem larger than it is. A well-designed graphic can also stir the user to post links on his own social media pages; this directs potential customers back to the company’s main website or starts a viral campaign with unlimited potential.
Some basic visual design concepts include color, contrast, typography, composition, line, texture, space and shape. Color and use of white space often evoke a certain mood. Lines guide viewers through a composition. Typography—the use of type as a design element—can add visual interest.